Thursday, 9 June 2016

Notes from the Feeders - Jackdaws

When Jackdaws get onto our fat ball feeder, as they have in some force today, they can strip it in no time. There's plenty of food around for the birds just now, and I'll keep the sunflower seed feeders going, but I think it's time to close the fat ball feeder down for a couple of weeks. I've nothing (much) against jackdaws, but when they come in gangs the smaller birds are driven off and don't get a look in. And I'm not made of money . . .

A friend mentioned to me today that he has a real rarity on his patch . . . very exciting news. Sadly, I can say no more, about either what, or where. My lips have to be sealed. At some time in the future, when it is safe to do so, I hope I may be able to post a picture.

It's always interesting to see birds ganging up to mob possible threat species. Today, travelling down to Newtown, I saw jackdaws (again) furiously mobbing a lazily circling red kite. The kite would probably have presented little real threat, but they clearly weren't going to take any chances.

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