Sunday, 6 April 2014


A bittersweet day today. Some news - I won't go into any details - that both saddened and reassured me, all at once. I heard about a good decision made by someone I think well of, that I can only applaud, but that also emphasises the extent to which our life paths have diverged. All of life is about departures and bereavements, as well as the magic of new births and fresh discoveries, and whenever we strike out for what is new, we also have to let go of things that, however precious they once were, will now only hold us back and tie us down.

On my way home I saw my first swallow of the new season - just a brief glimpse, but a definite "tick", as the birders say. Immediately, my heart was lifted and gladdened. Life continues, spring looks toward summer, and I am reminded once again just how much there is in my life that is good and enriched with blessing. I have all I need, which is not to say that life is easy and without struggle; no struggle, no achievement, there isn't a road anywhere that is all downhill. The only thing I would say is that I sense that more is being called from me, although at present there are no obvious openings of doors. We shall see, patience being a virtue that I will, at any rate, exercise through these fourteen days of Passiontide.

However, I have a letter written already and dated Easter Day, which I'd very much like not to send, but may find I have to . . .

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